Quick Colon Cleanse and Constipation Relief

quick colon cleanseThere are a variety of home remedies and over the counter supplements that provide quick and effective ways of cleansing your colon. Products such as herbal capsules often include laxatives or probiotic fiber, while some take a more holistic approach and use herbal supplements in their products, such as peppermint tea bag blends or soluble fibers such as Psyllium.

Check out your local drugstore or supermarket for Quick Colon Cleanse capsules or Super Colon Cleanses, as many are called. These are tried and true remedies that really work very quickly. If you are in need of a very quick colon cleanse due to discomfort, then trusted capsule-based fiber or Psyllium would be the best way to deal with your discomfort and digestive distress more immediately than home remedies. If you are looking to feel great and look absolutely amazing at any age Go here to find the top NYC Rhinoplasty specialists around.

Should you simply be planning ahead for a colon cleanse or want a regular colon cleanser after having to have used a quick colon cleanse via capsules and do not wish for it to happen again, you can follow these simple natural colon cleansers that you will likely already have in your kitchen at home.

1) Apple Juice: We all have experienced post-apple juice bowel movements since our childhood, and that’s because apple juice is a strong and potent, digestive helper that promotes liver health while breaking down toxins in the colon. It is also great for relieving constipation as it naturally revs up the digestive system and promotes bowel movements.

2) Lemon Juice: Vitamin C is great for the digestive system, and lemons have not only that, but antioxidant properties that can be used for colon cleansing. Mix with honey and an optional pinch of sea salt if you have it, will help you have better bowel movements, better skin, and more energy. Or, simply add lemon juice to some hot water and consume it like a tea.

3) Fiber-Rich Foods: Instead of turning to pills to help relieve your constipation or need for colon cleansing, going back to the basics of the human body, which include fiber as being the best digestive-promoting cleanser around, is best. Fiber helps cleanse the colon, keep stool soft and easy to pass, and expels waste and buildup more effectively. It can also help rid your body of intestinal problems in the long run. Remember to think about what you are eating throughout the day and that fiber should be on the menu. High-fiber cereals or healthier alternatives such as pears, apples, raspberries, and fresh vegetables; this fiber roughage will cleanse the colon on a more regular basis, hopefully preventing you from needing drastic measures to cleanse your colon of buildup later on due to bad eating habits.

4) Flaxseed is an in-expensive way of maintaining a healthy gut and clean colon. Instead of buying the expensive capsules, bags of flaxseed are much cheaper and all you need to do is take two tablespoons a day. It does not have much of a taste, so you can include it on your cereal, bake it in healthy muffins, put it in your health smoothie, or simply consume the two tablespoons and wash down the flaxseed with water. This provides the fiber and roughage to attach to the foods you have consumed and digest it smoother and promote cleaner bowel movements that do not leave build up behind. Flaxseed also helps avoid constipation as well as provide constipation relief.

5) Caffeine: Lastly, is a morning cup of hot coffee. We all know of the bowel-loosening effect that coffee has on us all, and you can count on a hot cup of Joe to clean out your bowels. However, this should be a more regular option, as it is not an instant cure-all. If consumed regularly, it can promote alertness and bowel movements, but you still need fiber and other natural ways of cleansing your colon to go with this regimine.

A great mix of home remedy and OTC capsules is an overnight colon cleanse that uses the following:
• Squeezing the juice of a half of a lemon
• Add 1 table spoon of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar into 16 ounces of purified water
• Consume 8 “Oxy-Powder” capsules which you can buy at your local store

Consume this drink mixture and the following day you will have multiple bowel movements that will cleanse your bowls of any build up and toxins. Note that if you do not have the home-remedy portions such as the lemon or apple cider, you can take 10 capsules of Oxy-Powder and drink 8 ounces of purified water before bed.

Cleansing the colon is important because not all of the food we eat is properly digested and some can be left behind in the colon and turn into a mucous-like substance. Colon cleansing whenever you feel a sick or are having bowel troubles is a great measure to prevent them from occurring again.

For quick colon cleanses that were not planned, many people can try out home remedies to feel better and alleviate their discomfort. For more regular cleansing, you can plan it out—a bottle of a colonic health capsules can help you keep a regular check for your colon to make sure you don’t get buildup in your colon again.


By Ben Short